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Dedicated to the glory of nameless, behind-the-scene spiritual Masters and leaders whose contribution towards spiritually evolving the human society has ever been immeasurable. Launched on Guru Poornima, July 2011, this portal aims to bring together ardent devotees of their own respected Masters, allowing them to freely create their own  pages, posts, comments on the posts and replies, including uploading of video, audio, mp3, mp4 clips. Please note any abuse of the portal comprising posts inconsistent with the stated aims will get eliminated without prejudice.

Guru Poornima July 15, 2011

Earliest human history reveals that 108 major Upanishads, and in fact, all of the 1180 plus Upanishads, comprising the wisdom (Gyan) portion of the Vedas (refered to as Vedant) have been compilation of the discourses from un-named spiritual Masters, transmitted to posterity through preaching, generation after generation. Since they were not recorded as text, rather were told and retold, thus moving from generation to generation, they are known as “Shruti”. Bhagwan Ved Vyas, and later on His reincarnation, Adi Shankaracharya appeared to re-arrange, reproduce, and re-write these treatise. Similarly, “Smriti” (18 Puranas) were re-written by Bhagwan Ved Vyas. Mahabharat came to be recognized as Fifth Veda, such is the value of knowledge and wisdom of this treatise. Bhagwad Geeta is a small epic text of Mahabharat, and hence Geeta is considered a Smriti. Great western scholars have rated these treatise of spiritual principles as “production of highest human wisdom” .

Even, Shrimad Bhagwatam, a Smriti, and Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, which is also considered Upanishad, because Bhagwan Krishna intentionally amended or modified Ved-Sutras so as to enable every human being to learn the esoteric principles to achieve salvation – freedom from the bondage of life and death cycle. It is this innate purity of spiritual service that such “true children of God” keep appearing on this physical plane from time to time and carry the administration human kingdom of God Almighty. These great saints perform their divine duties behind-the-scene in total anonymity, devoid of any form of attachments to the worldly comforts and human recognition. They remain in complete oblivion, keep hiding their true identity. In other words, they are Gods in-charge of unknown and untold spiritual duties in this world (MrityuLok) and in the astral realm (ParLok).

This website is dedicated to such great Gods disguised as unimpressive saints, fakirs, and even as “crazy” beggars. It is a benign and humble effort to bring together devotees of such nameless saints, to help these devotees remain anchored to their Masters with unfazed devotion, and also guarding themselves from luring attractions of the commercialized saints that abound in great popularity in today’s times.

Unknown, seemingly unimpressive, yet most high themselves. So much so, that their names were given by their followers and disciples for communication among themselves and were obviously based on the most common and visible features of these great divine souls (Atmans).


Shri Shri 1011 Kali Kamliwale Baba – Jaipur

Because He used to wrap Himself only with a black blanket at all times. His name was Baba Jai Shankar Maharaj, but His devotees used to call Him, “Kali Kamliwale Baba”. He was a true “Maya Pati” because winning over “Maya” was His Siddhi. More about Him is expected to added.

Shri Shri 1011 BrahmRishi Baba RamsnehiJi Maharaj – along Narmada shores

Because every cell of His physical body would vibrate vividly (and anybody could hear) with the sound “Ra-m, Ra-m, Ra-m……” without any pause at any time. Sometimes He would allow anxious visitors to hear this sound with the help of a narrow long tube attached at one end to His feet or any body part while other end was the joy of the listeners, one after another.

RajRishi Shree Gopal Baba – Kathmandu

Because He used to carry with Him at all times a photo frame of child Krishna and sing Krishna’s bhajans so melodiously that anyone who would only once hear Him, will give away his or her worldly desires and forever become His devotee. In 1940s extending to early 1950s this saint who was the only saint disciple of Baba RamSnehiJi Maharaj used to spend Rs500,000 every year but not for personal consumption – His disciples used to hold large assemblies, organize Bhagwatam Katha and large Yagna Anusthans. His personal consumption was just one meal a day and only couple of white langotees (loin-cloth), no other piece of cloth on the body, even in extreme climatic conditions.